Follow the Money, well Fair Play to the CAB, they Have. Wonder, Can the Wig Whelan, Afford a Swiss Hole, this Xmas, Maybe, Meals on Wheels?? Cartel are Feeling the Heat, Bounty on their Heads; American DEA Hot on their Tails, just a Matter of Time, then the Rat, in their Mist. Money makes Informers, Talk

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Drug dealers and Kinahan cartel thugs among those hit in the pocket by CAB this year

Read our round-up of a hard-fought 2022 for the Criminal Assest Bureau

A CAB raid
A CAB raid

25th December 2022

Kinahan Cartel associate Graham ‘The Wig’ Whelan told gardai he got cash from “up his Swiss role” after his arrest, but still ended up losing €75,000 to the Criminal Assest Bureau.

Whelan was one of those targeted by CAB this year as they continue their relentless campaign to make sure criminals don’t get to enjoy their cash or to pretend they make an honest living.

Drug dealer David Waldon has been continuing his fight CAB to hold onto his €2.9 million worth of assets.

Despite evidence of splashing out €5,000 on christening party he was allowed limited free legal in the fight for the three houses which CAB says were bought with the proceeds of crime.

The good news for the general public that seized cash is now being used to fund community projects with €2 million spent in 2022 and due to go up to €3 million next year.

That’s unlikely to be of any comfort to veteran criminal Dean Russell who finally lost a long-running legal fight over his Dublin home.

He handed over the house last October, bringing an end to the proceedings which started in 2011, but not until he faced being imprisoned by the High Court.

Stefan Saunders and his Clonee home
Stefan Saunders and his Clonee home

Tiger-kidnapper Stefan Saunders’ spending spree after the infamous €2.5million Brinks Allied robbery in 2005 was the target of CAB this year as well.

Saunders, once caught red-headed as he attempted a cash-in-transit robbery, saw his home in Clonee and a second rental property declared the proceeds of crime.

Another long-running battle also came to end in the case involving drug dealer Barry Fowler and his money laundering partner Lorna Palmer.

A house in Oylgate, Co Wexford has finally been taken over by a receiver who was given the legal authority to sell it off.

Owen and Brendan Maguire were also the focus of CAB proceedings this year, despite Owen’s attempt to avoid being served papers by pretending not to be home.

The paralysed gang boss, head of the Price-Maguire gang, was then deemed to have been served in the case in which CAB is after €304,000 in cash along with property and vehicles belonging to the pair.

This year also saw Ross Browning being described as the Kinahan Cartels’ No1 man in Ireland as CAB sought to seize €1.7 million worth of property from him.

Details of the Kinahan network were revealed in affidavits to court which described the cartel as being involved in €1 billion worth of illegal activities.

For the first time Daniel Kinahan was directly targeted by CAB when a house CAB said belonged to him and Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh was taken by the State.

The property at Coldwater Lakes in Sagart
The property at Coldwater Lakes in Sagart

The mansion at Coldwater Lakes, City West had been part of a deal with Jim Mansfield jr who had failed to invest cash given to him by the gang.

Despite his ‘eye-watering’ luxury travel James ‘Mago’ Gately also got free legal aid to take on CAB who want to the seize his Coolock home on which he spent €440,000.

Gately, who has survived being shot by a Kinahan Cartel gunman, had told the High Court he and his partner were too broke to pay for lawyers.

Showbiz drug-dealer Adam Keatinge, also known as Marcus Lane and Michael Keating, had his gold bars, cash and a house declared the proceeds of crime.

Described in court as a significant player in the Fat Freddie Thompson gang he had previously been arrested on his way to get a flight to Amsterdam with €60,000 in cash in the van he was travelling in

Despite being murdered in 2019 CAB still went after the assets of Sean Little this year who CAB said had significant sums of cash that allowed him to buy several vehicles and “luxury items”.

His parents Stephen and Bernadette had been named respondents in the case as the next-of-kin of the slain gangster, which has now been settled.

Sean Little was shot dead in May 2019
Sean Little was shot dead in May 2019

In a complex hearing CAB alleged a firm called Stephen Bawn Motors had been set to up to launder cash being made by Limerick drugs gangs.

The case centres on the €820,000 got for the 111 cars seized by CAB in 2019 who say the people running the firm had links to serious criminals involved in international crime.

A drug-dealing family in Dundalk are facing losing a house they bought with the proceeds of crime after they used threats and deception to get the previous owner to sell up.

David McDonagh, his wife Helen and their son William, who have dozens of criminal convictions, are alleged to have used a woman as a front to buy the house which she then bequeathed to William.

CAB also got the green light this year to sell a digger and a car as part of the case against three brothers involved in a series of high-profile ATM robberies.

Stephen, Gerard, and Ciaran Duffy were sentenced in March 2021 for their roles in a crime gang that stole nearly €800,000.

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