So the Hunt continues to try and solve the murder of Sophie du Plantier at the Cottage in West Cork, 26 years ago. Let’s do a basic reflection now: First we have Jim Sheridan, legendary film maker, now turned Columbo, crime buster, for his new documentary. In his stable he has the Jules of Wales, Romeo Bailey on Twitter and TikTok and then of course the infamous Marie Farrell who stated 26 years ago that Bailey had stood outside her shop making cut-throat gestures and she had to run for help. 10 years later she said she was bullied into making statements about Bailey by the Gardai. Which of the stories is TRUTH or just confabulation? Now we have the Gardai and the cold case and this time the Gardai have widened their net; they are better trained and they will not make the mistakes of years past. They will travel to England as today’s Independent reports and they will interview a woman who has not been interviewed before. I also believe they may talk to Bailey’s first wife and we all know her son, Jimmy Limbrick, is in Broadmoor, for the rape, murder and arson of his great grandmother. The Garda Cold Case continues while Jim Sheridan’s documentary is about to begin. Time will tell who is the Hunter and who will be hunted.

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