Some People Know, or Believe they Know, Who Murdered Amy, even people, in Carrick on Shannon? Time, will bring the Truth, out here, some have even Contacted the Blog, no Names, mentioned, but they Stopped, Helping, Sadly they went back, probably to Drinking, and living off the Backs, of the Irish Taxpayers?

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Friend of missing teen Amy Fitzpatrick says he’s tempted to go to Spain and dig up stable where she’s allegedly buried • 4h ago

A friend of missing teen Amy Fitzpatrick says he’s tempted to go to Spain and dig up a stable where she’s alleged to be buried.

Alan Quieros, who has only recently publicly disclosed a chilling final conversation Amy had with him the night before she vanished, says he doesn’t understand why no one has searched the site.

Last year Amy’s father Christoper and aunt Christine Kenny told how an anonymous source alleged that they would find her remains under Stable Number 5 in the derelict Hippodrome racetrack outside the Costa del Sol resort of La Cala de Mijas.

The location is only a 15 minute drive from where Amy, then 15 years old, vanished on New Year’s Day, 2008 – and the family have pleaded with the Spanish police to search the site.

But over a year on, Amy’s friend Alan says he’s now frustrated that no one seems to have searched the site – and he’s tempted to go there and do so himself.

“If I am ever back in Spain and this hasn’t been looked into, I’d be inclined and I’d be very tempted to go to that horse track and dig it up myself,” Alan told us.

Alan Quieros who spoke to Amy Fitzpatrick shortly before her disappearance in 2008.© Reach PLC/ Steve Reigate

“How nobody has at this point is beyond me. It’s made me think bugger me, I’ll go to this disused horse track and do it myself.”

The La Guardia Civil have been investigating Amy’s disappearance now for almost 15 years – but no trace of the Irish teen has ever been found.

“If the Spanish police won’t do it then someone should. From my understanding it’s shut down and abandoned so what’s to stop people going to do it?” Alan said.

“If it hasn’t been done I’d be seriously tempted. I’m sure if I posted on the Missing Amy Facebook page that I was going there, by the time I got there there’d be people waiting for me with wheelbarrows and shovels.

“I don’t know what’s stopping anybody doing it.”

Recently Alan publicly disclosed for the first time a chat he had with Amy on New Year’s Eve on social network site MSN – in which the teen told him she had a “scheme.”

Amy had confided in Alan that her mother Audrey had cancelled a planned trip home to Ireland, and he says she was “distraught” over this.

Audrey recently confirmed Alan’s account to us and said she had no choice but to cancel the trip because her son Dean had gotten into trouble.

Alan, who has only recently spoken to Audrey for the first time in 15 years, says he now has a greater understanding of the situation than he did at the time.

“Now Audrey, she was very open and honest for the reason the Ireland trip fell through.

“It leads me to believe I was a knobhead 15 years ago in deciding to not talk to her in the first place about all of this.”

Alan says Amy told him she had a “scheme” after her mother cancelled the trip – and he warned her not to do anything stupid.

“Amy was distraught because the Ireland move had fallen through. I said to her what happened and she was very vague about it.

“Amy said ‘my mum said I’m not going now.’

“So I said to Amy tomorrow I’m going to phone (a friend) and I’ll get her to sort out your passport and flights. I’ll send her the money,” Alan said.

But he said the teen, who he was friends with as part of a wider group, told him not to worry – and that she had a plan of her own.

“I said to Amy I’ve got to go. You and Ashley have a great New Years and I love you to bits. I said don’t worry about anything me and (a friend) will get it sorted out.

“She said ‘Happy New Year, don’t worry about me, I’ve got a scheme. I said what do you mean and she said don’t worry, you’ll find out. I love you.

“I said don’t do anything silly, Amy. Love you, speak to you tomorrow. She said love you back and that was the last thing we said to each other.”

Now Alan says he firmly believes Amy had some sort of a plan that she thought would get her back to Ireland.

“She was going to get back to Ireland by hook or by crook. For her to say don’t worry about me I’ve got a scheme, she had that planned in her head,” Alan said.

But he says he fears Amy never made it home.

“There’s no way in 15 years that Amy wouldn’t have eventually reached out to somebody.

“The one person she would have reached out to would have been her dad,” he said.

Recently Audrey told us she was thankful for Alan coming forward – and giving her new and perhaps crucial information for the first time in 15 years.

“He spoke to her 15 years ago. 15 years and it’s something new. This is the first time we’ve heard of this.

“That’s the first I’ve heard about that.

“It’s stumped us. God knows what was in her head because she’s a hot head like me. It’s really important information.”

“Believe you me she was clever,” she said.

Audrey confirmed that she did cancel Amy’s planned trip back to Ireland, which she says was happening to mark her upcoming 16th birthday.

She says she did so because her son Dean, who was later killed, had gotten into “trouble” – something she kept quiet about at the time Amy vanished.

“She said her passport was destroyed, which was a lie because she was on my passport since she was a baby.

“She said that I destroyed it. No such thing. You can’t believe a word out of a teenger’s mouth,” Audrey said.

“She was on my passport. I had her booked for going home and then Dean ran into trouble.

“So that’s why I cancelled the holiday. That’s why she was so upset because I cancelled the holiday.”

Audrey says she kept that fact secret at the time because she didn’t want any unwanted attention on her son.

“I had to cancel that because of Dean.

“That was the big upset. But I never told anybody because I didn’t want people to know about what Dean was up to.

“I didn’t let anybody know. So I was the bad person. I had to protect Dean. So she got upset about that.

“ I didn’t want anyone knowing he was in trouble especially after her going disappearing.

“It would have been a big thing and I didn’t want to put the focus on him,” she said.

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