Brexit row erupts after Met makes ‘ridiculous’ decision to ditch British cars for German. Source: EXPRESS. Daily Briefing.

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Brexit row erupts after Met makes ‘ridiculous’ decision to ditch British cars for German

Sir John Redwood tells that Britain needs to “reindustrialise” and bolster its manufacturing capability.

By Charlie Bradley

14:06, Wed, Dec 28, 2022 | UPDATED: 14:26, Wed, Dec 28, 2022


Brexit: There’s ‘no case’ for returning to the EU says Starmer

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A Conservative MP has slammed the Metropolitan Police after its decision to swap British Jaguars for German Audis for ministerial vehicles. Last week, it was revealed that the Met plans to use Baden-Württemberg-assembled Audi A8s instead of Jaguar XJs, which have served as ministerial vehicles for more than 30 years.

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Sir John, MP for Wokingham, told that this decision is “ridiculous” and has called on Britain to “reindustrialise”.

He said: “I think this is ridiculous. No other country with a motor industry of its own would do this. The Government has plenty of buying power, it needs to work in collaboration with competing manufacturers in Britain to come up with a cost-effective product.

“Military vehicles as well, even our own ships. All our Naval vessels should be built in British yards but the latest contract has very substantial Spanish content in it all.

“I want to see us reindustrialise in Britain in a sensible way because we have lost too much of our manufacturing capability.”

Jaguar XJ

A Jaguar XJ transporting PM Rishi Sunak (Image: GETTY)

Audi A8s

Audi A8s could replace the Jaguar XJs (Image: Getty)

I’m going to the Supreme Court to prove this Brexit deal is worse than remaining-BEN HABIB

The Prime Minister’s oven ready Brexit deal has broken the union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and undermined the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement. This is not just my view, it was backed up by the Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland earlier this week when they delivered their judgment of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

I said it in 2019 and I say it again: Mr Johnson’s deal is worse than remaining in the EU.

If you think I say so because I am a remoaner, think again. I am a steadfast Brexiteer. His wretched deal did not deliver Brexit. It only delivered monumental constitutional self-harm.

As disappointing as it is, the Court of Appeal’s judgement was no surprise to me. But the rulings in Belfast have been revealing. Read more…

It was revealed last week that the move from Jaguars to Audis came due to the Met’s fears that British carmakers will not be “able to meet the requirements of the tender”.

In response to a written question to the London Assembly, officers explained the decision in a statement.

It read: “All Metropolitan Police Service contracts are subject to public procurement regulations, with considerations given to safety requirements as well as cost and vehicle availability.

“For this tender specifically, at the time of tender, there was no UK original equipment manufacturer able to meet the requirements of the tender, or producing a similar specification of vehicle, therefore no bid was made by any UK manufacture for the contract.”

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