The Hunt wont Stop, until the Kinahans, are all, Locked up, and it will Happen?

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Daniel Kinahan cartel has ‘mind-boggling finance’ says Head of Organised Crime Bureau

 31st December 2022

The international hunt for Daniel Kinahan by a number of police forces will “advance significantly” in 2023, according to the head of the Garda National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau.

Detective Chief Superintendent Seamus Boland said that he’s satisfied next year will see significant progress in efforts to arrest the main leaders of the Kinahan Cartel.

Mr Boland said the crime gang has amassed “mind-boggling finance” in an interview with the Financial Times, and this wealth and power has led to the Department of Treasury in the US government placing a $5m bounty on the top seven players in the cartel.

Law enforcement officials believe the super-cartel, of which Kinahan is the last man standing, controlled a third of Europe’s cocaine trade, while estimates have the Kinahan’s drug operation worth close to €1bn.

Anna Sergi, a criminology professor at the University of Essex, also told the FT that: “The endgame for the Kinahans is coming into sight”.

““The Kinahans are poison now…with all this international attention on them,” Sergi said.

The net has closed in on Kinahan in recent years with the arrests of former allies and crime bosses Dutch-Moroccan Ridouan Taghi, Italian Camorra boss Raffaelle Imperiale and Balkan crime lord Edin Gacinin, while his own lieutenants Johnny Morrisey and Thomas ‘The Bomber’ Kavanagh have also been apprehended by law enforcement.

Imperiale has now turned rogue and become a State witness, which will come as a severe blow to all who did business with him in the underworld.

Along with the $5m bounties, sanctions imposed by the US saw the UAE freeze Kinahan assets in his Middle Eastern bolthole and elsewhere.

Along with Daniel, his father Christy Snr and brother Christy Jnr were sanctioned by the US in April, as were four more key cartel associates. John Morrissey has already been apprehended while Seán McGovern, Ian Dixon and Bernard Clancy are still at large for now.

“The noose is getting tighter, but not to the extent I would like to see,” Sheelagh Brady, former Garda Sergeant who now runs SAR consultancy, told the FT.

“I still think there are locations that keep them relatively safe and people that want to work with them,” Ms Brady said.

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