Imagine a Son, Threatens to Burn his own, Mother, alive in her own Home, Ireland is Morally, Falling Down?

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Dublin man barred from his mother’s housing estate after allegedly threatening to burn her out of her home

 9th January 2023

A Dublin man has been barred from his mother’s housing estate after his 13th safety order arrest and an alleged threat to burn her out of her home.

The man, aged in his mid-20s, lived with his mother but faced objections to bail when he appeared before Judge Marie Quirke at Dublin District Court.

He was accused of breaking the safety order on Saturday. Gardaí held him pending his hearing which heard her claims that he threatened to “burn me out of the house again”.

He cannot be identified due to the Domestic Violence Act’s reporting restrictions.

Judge Quirke noted that there had been 12 previous alleged breaches of the safety order, but the man’s mother came to court for the first time in support of a bail objection.

The judge also noted that gardaí would seek directions from the DPP about the possibility of further charges.

In exchanges with defence counsel Kevin McCrave, the arresting garda accepted that the defendant had not yet been convicted over the previous alleged violations of the safety order.

He proposed that his client could reside elsewhere and have no contact with his mother.

The woman gave evidence and told the court her son was “too violent”. She said she was terrified, adding: “I gave him so many chances to give him the help he needs.”

She claimed one night, gardaí had to hold him down and that he was “capable of killing someone”.

Visibly upset, she said her son had a drug problem, “will get a fix” and “come back and threaten to burn me out of the house again”.

She was also opposed to him living with a relative nearby.

Her son denied the charge but pledged to stay away from his mother and find accommodation in the city.

Judge Quirke released him but ordered him to remain away from his mother and have no communication with her, sign on daily at a garda station and remain in phone contact with gardaí.

She warned him that by signing his bond, he indicated he clearly understood the court would remand him in custody if he broke his bail terms.

The unemployed defendant was granted legal aid and told he must appear again in court later this month.

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