How the Fuck, Did this Foriegn Evil, Get into Ireland, Deport the Evil, Protect our Women?

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Rapist suspected of prowling nightclubs to spike victims’ drinks released after seven years

The Cameroon native was jailed in 2017 after he lured two women back to his Sligo flat and then raped them both

Clement Limen

Clement Limen

January 17 2023 06:51 AM

A convicted rapist suspected of prowling nightclubs and pubs to spike his victims’ drinks has been released from prison after serving seven years for raping two women.

Former Sligo resident Clement Limen left the Midlands Prison two days early, but went straight into the hands of waiting officers from the Garda National Immigration Bureau, according to sources.

The Cameroon native is likely subject of a deportation order, but it cannot be confirmed if he has yet been put on a flight out of the country.

The 50-year-old was jailed in 2017 after he lured two women back to his flat in June 2014 and then raped them both.

Limen had been living in Sligo for the previous seven years.

But even before his conviction, Limen became notorious in the area because of concerns he was spiking women’s drinks.

A number of pubs and clubs in the city had barred him for “suspicious incidents”.

Limen was known by a number of aliases and would tell women in nightclubs that he was a rich American millionaire.

On the night of the rapes, Limen was telling people his name was “Obama”.

At his Central Criminal Court trial, one woman detailed in her victim impact statement how her life has changed dramatically since that night.

“I was once carefree and fun-loving. I became introverted and racked with anxiety. I regularly wake with a jolt, thinking he is standing over me.”

She said she sometimes gets up in the night to check doors and windows are locked.

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