Tragic Story, something one, would Watch, in a Horror Film. May Mr O Sullivan RIP? Many Questions, here?

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Mystery over body found decomposing for over 20 years is solved – as locals in Cork say incident is ‘disturbing’

  • Published: 17:47, 17 Jan 2023
  • Updated: 17:47, 17 Jan 2023

A BODY found decomposing in a house in Cork for 20 years has been identified as a local pensioner.

Dental records revealed that the remains found in a house on Beecher’s Street in Mallow belong to 83-year-old Timothy O’Sullivan, a Kerry native.

Pic shows general view exterior of the house in Mallow in which a body was found which may have lain there for 20 years. Pic: Google street view
Pic shows general view exterior of the house in Mallow in which a body was found which may have lain there for 20 years. Pic: Google street viewCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk

He had lived with his family in England before returning to Ireland to live in Mallow, County Cork.

A series of enquiries via hospital, medical and dental records had been ongoing.

Mr O’Sullivan’s remains were found in a bed in the boarded up derelict house on Beecher’s Street in the town last Friday.

Council worker removed the boards which had been previously put up on windows and the front door and entered the single storied terraced house, located on the mainly residential street.

It’s understood the house, which was owned by Mr O’Sullivan, had been the subject of complaints by locals because of vermin infestation, including rats.

The council workers who entered the house to close up drains and prepare the premises for a vermin control company were shocked and horrified when they discovered the skeletal remains in the bed in a downstairs room.

According to sources, the Kerry man, whose family is from Cahersiveen had mental health issues and had come to the attention of Gardai back in the 1990s.

Butter found in the fridge in the house was dated back to 2001, which Gardai are confident is indicative of the fact that the remains were in the house for over 20 years.

Shocked neighbours believed Mr O’Sullivan had returned to England and there were no reported sightings of him since the late 90s.

It’s understood Mr O’Sullivan’s parents are buried in Cahersiveen and the enquiry will now focus on trying to track down any relatives who may still be living in the area.

The possibility is that Mr O’Sullivan, who worked as a printer in England, died in his early 60s. He did not work on his return to Ireland.

A source said: “This poor man lived a sad and lonely life and died on his own without any loved ones with him.

“For him to have lain in that bed for over two decades without being found over the years is disturbing and upsetting.

“Hopefully some relatives can now be tracked down and that they will be willing to bring him home and bury him with or near his parents.”

A postmortem was carried out on the remains following the gruesome discovery by Assistant State Pathologist Dr Margaret Bolster in Cork University Hospital after they were removed from the house by members of Cork County Fire Service.

That postmortem revealed there was no indication of any type of foul play.

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