Kearney, is a lowlife Murdering Thug, Who never once, showed any Remorse, let him Stay, Locked up?

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My sister’s husband has never shown remorse for her murder and should not be eligible for parole

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The sister of a Dublin woman who was murdered by her husband nearly 17 years ago’ couldn’t understand’ why the killer is eligible for parole, saying he has shown no remorse for his crime. Businessman Brian Kearney killed his 37-year-old wife, Siobhán Kearney, at their home in Goatstown, Dublin, on February 28, 2006, while her young son played downstairs.

The flex from a vacuum cleaner was used to strangle her and then put over a door to make it look as if she had hanged herself.

However, gardaí were able to prove that the scene had been staged. Kearney was given a life sentence in 2008 after being found guilty by a majority verdict of 11 to one at the Central Criminal Court.

Siobhán’s sister, Aisling McLaughlin, has now told the Irish Daily Mail he will be eligible for parole in a matter of weeks after serving 12 years in prison. She recently found out that this will be Kearney’s fourth attempt at release, having previously applied in 2016, 2018 and 2020.

‘I don’t believe that anybody in their right mind would grant this man parole, especially because he hasn’t come to terms with what he did,’ Ms McLaughlin said.

‘Why even waste the Parole Board’s time?’ Prisoners can be granted parole only if the board is ‘satisfied the prisoner does not pose an undue risk to the public, that he or she has been rehabilitated and that it is appropriate in all the circumstances to release him or her on parole’.

Ms McLaughlin said: ‘It’s just insane that he can apply for parole so easily despite the fact that he’s shown no admission of guilt, remorse or rehabilitation. ‘He basically gets sent a letter asking if he’d like to apply, to which he can simply respond with a yes or no.

Brian Kearney of, Knocknashee, Goatstown, who denies murdering his wife, 38-year-old Siobhan Kearney, who was found dead at her home in February 2006 pictured leaving the High Court. Pic: Garrett White / Collins© Provided by

‘This is something I plan on taking to the Department of Justice because I believe they’ve missed a piece here. ‘Applying for parole is a massive task for the board to undergo because they have to create an entire dossier in a matter of six months.

The family has to prepare a statement and meet with the board, with every detail sent to him [Kearney] to have a read of in his cell. ‘Everything is just handed to him on a plate until he shows up at his meeting armed with all the information he needs.

It just seems very unbalanced.’ Ms McLaughlin said that while she doesn’t believe her sister’s killer will be released, the prospect of a parole hearing is nevertheless ‘re-traumatising’. In 2021, changes to the Parole Act increased life sentences to a minimum of 12 years, from seven.

Siobhan Kearney. Pic: Handout© Provided by

A new Parole Board was also set up, with a chair and 12 board members. Victims of crime and their families can now make submissions to the board in person and get legal assistance.

Ms McLaughlin welcomed the changes but said ‘they do not go far enough’. The grieving sister added that her family constantly keep Siobhán in their thoughts. She revealed: ‘We mark all her birthdays and are attending the blessing of her grave in June and November later this year.

‘I have wonderful memories of Siobhán and she is still a presence in our lives’. Ms McLaughlin previously told Newstalk that her sister was in the process of ‘trying to leave a very unhappy marriage’ when Kearney murdered her.

Family members of Siobhan McLaughlin, Brighid stands for the media after Brian Kearney of, Knocknashee, Goatstown, who found guilty of murdering his wife, 38-year-old Siobhan Kearney, who was found dead at her home in February 2006. Pic: Garrett White / Collins© Provided by

‘I suppose one of the things that keeps coming back to me is there was a moment where – I know this from the court case – when he attacked Siobhán, she was unconscious, and there was a time there where he could have changed his mind and said: “What am I doing here? I’ll get an ambulance”, you know, “I’ll do something”, but he didn’t do that,’ she said.

‘He went further and he strangled her with the flex. Then he went further and he set it up to look like… suicide. So, there are three pretty awful steps here that were taken by this individual.’

In May of last year, Justice Minister Helen McEntee told the Oireachtas that the average length of time served by a prisoner on a life sentence is 20 years.

Aisling McLaughlin, Brighid McLaughlin Siobhan Kearney – sisters. Pic: RTE© Provided by

During Kearney’s murder trial, the prosecution alleged that he killed Siobhán because she was planning to leave him, something that would have placed him under severe financial pressure. Although the couple appeared to be well off and ran a small hotel in Spain, prosecution lawyers argued that they were financially stretched.

Their three-year-old son lay sleeping in the next room at the time of the murder, and Siobhán’s body was later discovered by her family, who broke into the bedroom after trying and failing to contact her.

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