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Gardaí called as members of Enoch Burke’s family chant during school disciplinary meeting


Enoch Burke and family shout their objections while school board meeting is held in Mullingar Park Hotel


January 19 2023 11:45 AM

Gardaí were called to a meeting of the board of management at Wilson’s Hospital School where it was due to consider the case of suspended teacher Enoch Burke.

Officers were called in after members of the Burke family began shouting objections to the meeting going ahead due to the absence of the board’s chairman John Rogers.

Enoch Burke was accompanied by his mother Martina, sister Ammi and brother Isaac at the meeting at the Mullingar Court Hotel.

The meeting got under way shortly after 10am, but five gardaí arrived around 11.15am.


‘Where is John Rogers?’: Enoch Burke and family chant as school disciplinary meeting held in Mullingar Park hotel


Members of the Burke family could be heard repeatedly chanting: “Chairperson John Rogers must be present at this meeting”, “Where is the chairperson?” and “It’s a sham. It’s a cover-up”.

They could be seen gathered in front of the top table in the room.

A witness said the disturbance began almost immediately from the start of the meeting.

Gardaí were seen standing outside the meeting room.


It is understood Mr Rogers was not present due to a medical issue.

In a recent court hearing, Mr Burke accused Mr Rogers of lying in an affidavit.

The claim is disputed by Mr Rogers.

The school’s principal Frank Milling eventually suspended the meeting due to the disturbance.

The Burke’s were ushered out of the meeting room but refused to leave the hallway outside, indicating they would wait for Mr Rogers to arrive.

Gardaí remained with them in the hallway for a period until the Burke protests quietened down.

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