Timothy, RIP, but the Family, could have made, Inquiries, Many Questions, Sadly too Late?

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Family of man found dead for 20 years in Cork cottage were ‘haunted’ by his mystery disappearance • Yesterday 22:41

The family of a man whose remains were found in a derelict cottage in Cork have said they are relieved that the question of his whereabouts that “haunted” them has been “resolved.”

Gardai at the house of Tim O’ Sullivan, who’s remains were found in his Mallow cottage© Virgin Media One

Dental records showed that the human remains discovered lying in a Mallow cottage for two decades this week were those of Tim O’ Sullivan, who was from the UK.

His family, who had questioned his whereabouts for over 20 years, released a statement, saying they are “heartbroken and very upset” at the circumstances of Timothy’s death.

It reads: “We are simultaneously relieved and happy that the ultimate question that has haunted us for many years of his whereabouts/circumstances has been resolved and that we as a family can lay him to rest with his family as is his right.”

They stressed that reports in the media following the discovery of his remains said that Tim struggled with his mental health.

“It was more a case of a man with a broken heart who whished for privacy and time to be alone to come to terms with his separation as was his right,” the clarified in their statement.

Timothy O’ Sullivan was born in England in 1939, and worked as a compositor in a printing works. His family described him as a “very bright, intelligent and able man.”

He came to Kerry often on his holidays with his wife and later purchased a house in Mallow, moving there when his marriage subsequently broke down.

They explained that Ireland in the early 2000s was much different to the Ireland of today, adding that people were not in contact via messaging apps and mobile phones.

However, Timothy did keep regular contact with his family.

They added: “He spoke about returning to the UK again but nothing was set in stone. However then after awhile, communication from Tim had ceased.

“His family made every effort to locate him, they visited his house in Mallow several times but had no method of access (without breaking and entering).”

The family said they had always “hoped and prayed that Tim was alive and happy” but all of their hopes were dashed on Tuesday last, when they heard of his passing.

They have asked for the media for privacy and the time to grieve so as to come to terms with the whole situation.

“It is not a time for recrimination, we merely want to lay our Timothy to rest in peace,” they added.

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