Tweets and Videos: Ukraine bombarded by Russian Federation invasion; destruction of infrastructure and murder of civilians. 20th January 2022. The world elites, the wealthiest convene in Davos in their private jets and the world accepts their contributions to ecocide

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This quotation does not in any way condone the actions of putin and his invasion of Ukraine.  However it is worth examining his quotes to establish prejudices or desires that drive him.

“Europeans are dying out. Don’t you understand that? And same-sex marriages don’t produce children. Do you want to survive by drawing migrants? But society cannot adapt so many migrants.” “Vladimir Putin.

Sometimes we pay too little heed to what leaders say & what drives them fwd





20th January 2023

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin says the US will support Ukraine “for as long as it takes.” Follow live updates:


Bill Browder


20th January 2023

This is an image that give Putin nightmares. I’m here with


(from Bellingcat) and


(Anti Corruption Foundation) at the Sundance Film Festival, where the Navalny movie will be screened as it moves towards a hopeful Academy Award

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Lyn Davis Lear


Bill Browder, Maria, and Christo at the Sundance Artist at the Table event. #Navalny#Sundance#Russia



Bill Browder


20th January 2023

Great conversation with ⁦


about Davos demanding $250k for me to attend, my proposal to seize $350 billion of Russian central bank reserves and the corruption of Swiss law enforcement as they return laundered money to Russian criminals


Meduza in English


20th January 2023

Russian lawmaker Sergey Mironov posted a tweet Friday thanking Evgeny Prigozhin for sending him a sledgehammer as a gift. In November, a video appeared online that showed a defector from Prigozhin’s mercenary group being murdered with a sledgehammer. Russian lawmaker thanks Evgeny Prigozhin for sending him a sledgehammer, a reference to Wagner… Sergey Mironov, the chairman of the party A Just Russia, posted a tweet on Friday in which he thanked Wagner Group founder Evgeny




20th January 2023

#Wagner mercenaries are siphoning gold in the Central African Republic to finance the war in #Ukraine. #Prigozhin has long been entrenched in the CAR and has agreements with the corrupt authorities. His profits from the gold mines can reach up to $1 billion. Politico



Jason Jay Smart


20th January 2023

“In Washington and Brussels, there’s been a reluctance to say that ‘we want Ukraine to win,'” says Gen. Ben Hodges (


). But, if the West gives Ukraine what it needs, “liberating Crimea by this August” is realistic. My latest for the

@KyivPost “We need to decide that we want Ukraine to win” | KyivPost Gen. Hodges succinctly lays out how Ukraine can “liberate Crimea by the end of August 2023.


Timothy Garton Ash Retweeted

Kaja Kallas


The government decided today to send #Estonia‘s biggest aid package of heavy weapons so far to #Ukraine. This takes our total military aid to Ukraine over 1% of our GDP. The package includes howitzers, grenade launchers and ammunition – what Ukraine has asked us for. 1/


Володимир Зеленський


20th January 2023

Ukraine government official

#Ramstein The war started by RF doesn’t allow delays. I can thank you hundreds of times – but hundreds of “thank you” are not hundreds of tanks. We must speed up! Time must become our common weapon, just like air defense, artillery, armored vehicles & tanks. The Kremlin must lose


Dmytro Kuleba


20th January 2023

Ukraine government official

Ukraine is confident it’s time to review the oil price cap given the current market price on Urals is lower than 50 USD per barrel. This decision should ensure a drastic reduction in Russia’s income to finance the war, mass atrocities, and destabilization in Europe and elsewhere.


Roberta Metsola


20th January 2023

EU official

To win, #Ukraine needs more help. In #Davos, I called for further support: financial, logistical, military and humanitarian. We must deliver.


Ukraine House Davos ’23


January 16th 2023

UKRAINE IS EVERYONE OF US “Ukraine is everyone who joins us” Welcome to #UkraineHouseDavos 2023 We are now LIVE


Novaya Gazeta Europe


20th January 2023

Moldovan blogger Nekoglai (Nikolai Lebedev) has pledged to purchase 10 drones worth $100,000 for the Ukrainian army, he said on TikTok. ‘I will be an enemy of the Russian regime until the end of my life’: Moldovan TikToker Nekoglai… Moldovan blogger Nekoglai (Nikolai Lebedev) has pledged to purchase 10 drones worth $100,000 for the Ukrainian army, he said on TikTok. “I survived two weeks of torture by Russia. What for? For the…


The Odessa Journal 


20th January 2023


Losses of Russia for the period from FEB 24 to JAN 20 |

The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02.2022 to 20.01.2023 were approximately: personnel ‒ about 119300 (+770) persons were liquidated,tanks ‒


The Moscow Times


20th January 2023

Ukraine said it has detained seven “Russian agents” suspected of handing coordinates to Moscow’s forces to carry out strikes in the eastern Dnipropetrovsk region, where dozens of civilians were recently killed in a missile attack.

Ukraine War: As It’s Happening

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