We will Wait, until March, for the Final Court Verdict, How much, is Englishman Bailey, Costing, the Irish Taxpayers?

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Toen Sinéad O'Connor Ian Bailey ontmoette - 'Niemand denkt meer dat ik ...
Sinead O'Connor and Ian Bailey spotted having dinner together in Cork ...

Ian Bailey claims drink of water given by gardaí ‘compromised’ drug driving test minutes later

Ian Bailey

Ian Bailey

January 20 2023 11:35 AM

Ian Bailey has sought to have his conviction for drug driving quashed on the basis he was given a drink of water by gardaí just minutes before undergoing an oral drug test in a Cork garda station.

Mr Bailey’s legal team has submitted that the drink of water – given just minutes before he underwent the Drager 5000 oral drug test at Bantry Garda Station in west Cork – “blatantly compromised” the subsequent test result.

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