Right in the Heartland of Dublin 4, Can you, be Charged, by Pretending, to Kill Yourself, Mullen, needs, Medical Help, Urgently?

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Dublin man with ‘realistic gun’ ignored call by gardaí to drop it, court hears

It was alleged David Mullen (51) placed the gun to his own head and repeatedly said “f**k off” to them

David Mullen is charged with possession of an imitation firearm
David Mullen is charged with possession of an imitation firearm

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A man was arrested outside his home for screaming and waving around a handgun that turned out to be a “realistic” imitation, a court has heard.

David Mullen (51) put the gun to his head and initially ignored orders by unarmed gardaí to drop it, it is alleged.

He is facing trial and the case against him was adjourned for further directions from the DPP when he appeared in Dublin District Court.

Mr Mullen, of Pigeon House Road, Ringsend, is charged with unlawful possession of a realistic imitation firearm in a public place.

Sergeant Maire McDevitt told Judge Bryan Smyth the DPP consented to the case being dealt with in the district court if jurisdiction was accepted.

Outlining the allegations, she said gardaí responded to a report of a domestic disturbance at Pigeon House Road on May 8 last year.

It was reported that family members had been threatened with a pellet gun and that someone was potentially in possession of a live firearm.

When gardaí went to the house, they allegedly saw Mr Mullen exit the address with a black handgun in his hand.

It was alleged Mr Mullen was waving the gun around erratically and screaming incoherently. When gardaí approached, it was alleged he placed the gun to his own head and repeatedly said “f**k off” to them.

He initially ignored the commands of the unarmed garda to drop the gun but eventually placed it on the ground, Sgt McDevitt said.

As he was arrested, it was alleged he attempted to get the gun back but failed. It was seized by gardaí and found to be a realistic imitation firearm.

Judge Smyth said he was refusing jurisdiction.

This means the case will be sent forward for trial to Dublin Circuit Criminal Court. The judge adjourned the case to next month for the consent of the DPP for a return for trial to the circuit court.

The accused has not yet entered a plea to the charge.

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