De Silva Flies into, Soft Touch Ireland, and Wow, 1.5 Million of Cocaine Dealing, with his Fellow Brazilian, Lucas Farias, Thugs. How the fuck, did he Get, the job, Manager of the Corporate Lounge?

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Manager at Dublin Airport who collected cocaine in toilet cubicle jailed for six years

Defence says Jocelino De Silva (44) was used because of his ability to access secure areas of airport

Dublin Airport. Stock image

Dublin Airport. Stock image

January 23 2023 05:43 PM

A manager of the corporate lounge in Dublin Airport has been jailed for six years after he picked up 3kg of cocaine in a toilet cubicle in order to move the drugs out of the airport.

Jocelino De Silva (44) of Hill Street, Dublin, picked up the drugs from the cubicle after his co-accused Lucas Farias (27) of no fixed abode, carried just under 15kg of cocaine, valued at €1.43m, from Brazil in his suitcase.

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