26th January 2023: Selection of Tweets, videos. Note: China natural gas shortages which will impact on Europe; The Doomsday Clock ….

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Sky News


The Doomsday Clock has inched 10 seconds closer to midnight – the closest it has ever been to a global catastrophe. But what does that actually mean? 

Siegfried S. Hecker, Daniel Holz, Sharon Squassoni,
                Mary Robinson and former Mongolian President Elbegdorj
                Tsakhia with The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
                demonstrate for members of the news media the
                announcement of the location of the minute hand on its
                Doomsday Clock, indicating what world developments mean
                for the perceived likelihood of nuclear catastrophe from
                the National Press Club in Washington, U.S.,...

news.sky.com What is the Doomsday Clock and how does it work? As the Doomsday Clock inches closer to midnight, Sky News looks at the meaning behind it, what it is and how it works. Created in 1947 by

Source:  New York Times  @nytimes  1 hr
A shortage of natural gas, which is used widely across China to heat homes and businesses, has angered tens of millions of people.  Nights without heat amid alarmingly cold temperatures are making a difficult winter unbearable  nyti.ms/3DDUTIT


The Odessa Journal 


#GloryToUkraine #ukrainewarvideos


Business profile picture



A rapidly expanding cemetery in a southern Russian village offers insight into who is fighting — and dying — for the notoriously secretive mercenary army Wagner https://reut.rs/3Xx5Fzb



Eliot Higgins


British law firm used by Russian mercenary Yevgeniy Prigozhin is investigated

thetimes.co.uk British law firm used by Russian mercenary Yevgeniy Prigozhin is investigated A London law firm representing a Russian mercenary who threatened to sue a British journalist is under investigation for allegedly breachin


Novaya Gazeta Europe


How are sex crimes against children investigated in Russia and in other countries? Can we get to the truth in such cases? Novaya Europe’s Irina Kravtsova explores the problem: https://novayagazeta.eu/articles/2023/01/26/uncle-misha-must-be-punished-en

Illustration by Alisa Krasnikova


Garry Kasparov Retweeted

Int’l Affairs Forum


“The West, and above all the United States, is capable of providing the military and financial support to hasten the inevitable and propel #Ukraine to a speedy victory.” Read




on why Washington need not fear a Russian defeat.

foreignaffairs.com Don’t Fear Putin’s Demise Victory for Ukraine, democracy for Russia. =============


Maria Avdeeva


47 missiles out of 55 shot down this morning. Kh-101, Kh-555, Kinzhal, Kalibr, Kh-59 launched from air and from the Black Sea. The aim of Russian attacks remain unchanged – energy infrastructure and civilians. They will not succeed. Ukraine stands strong.




“We need 300 or 500 tanks now. That’s why I believe that we need tanks to carry out an offensive on our territory, on our land. We need armoured vehicles to protect our people, that’s all.” – President of  V. Zelenskyy in his interview for


Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy

news.sky.com Ukraine war: Tanks, peace talks, Putin and Boris Johnson – key points from Kay Burley’s interview… The Ukrainian president opened up about what it was like leading his country in a war for its very survival.


Glasnost Gone


Russians shouldn’t play in international sporting events. #NovakDjokovic‘s father supports Russia’s genocidal invasion of #Ukraine. At #AustralianOpen2023 Srdjan Djokovic posed with supporters wearing Z shirts & Russian flags with Putin’s face.




Francis Scarr


Still in a rage about Scholz’s Leopard 2 announcement, on tonight’s show Vladimir Solovyov refers to German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock as “Miss Ribbentrop” and the current German authorities as the “Fourth Reich”


Dmytro Kuleba


Ukraine government official

Among targets of today’s mass missile strike, Russia struck Odesa causing massive power outages. This destruction is Putin’s response to


inscribing Odesa on its World Heritage List yesterday and placing it under reinforced protection of the World Heritage in Danger List.




#Duma deputy Vladimir #Shamanov, also known as the “Butcher of #Chechnya“, reassured #Russian patriots about the supply of #German #Leopard 2 tanks.


Michael McFaul


Great line from


remarks today: “He [Putin] thought that he was going to have — end up with the Findalization [Finlandization] of Europe. Well, he’s got the NATOization of Finland.


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