Attacked the Aunt with over 2 Dozen Eggs? Free Range, are not Cheap.

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Brother and sister have shown ‘no remorse’ for assault in which they pelted their aunt with 32 eggs, judge says

Story by Gordon Deegan • 5h ago


A judge has said that a brother and sister who threw up to 32 eggs at their aunt during a five-minute assault have shown “no remorse” and “no apology” for their actions.

At Gort District Court on Thursday, Judge Mary Larkin convicted and fined brother and sister, Cathal Connors (26) and Michelle Connors (21) both of Fannaun, Peterswell, Co Galway, concerning the egg assault on their aunt, Mary Fahy outside their home at around 6.30pm on October 17, 2019.

Judge Larkin fined each of them €500 for the assault on Ms Fahy and fined each an additional €500 for the criminal damage of Ms Fahy’s Ford Kuga.

In evidence, Ms Fahy told the court previously said that her face got “banged” and “bashed” by the eggs thrown by her nephew and niece on the date.

Ms Fahy told the court: “It was bang, bang, bang, bang. I thought they were stones and they continued for five minutes or thereabouts and banging eggs off my face.”

Ms Fahy told the court that her niece and nephew threw “a dozen and a score of eggs” at her.

After reading Ms Fahy’s handwritten victim impact statement and a probation report on the two accused, Judge Larkin said: “I had hoped that I could deal with these matters by not criminalising two young people.

“I am quite satisfied that there isn’t any other way. That is because there is no acknowledgement of what went on, there is no apology and no remorse.”

Judge Larkin added: “I seriously regret that I have to convict these young people. Their parents and everyone who is involved in this very sad story should sit back and think about the shortness of life.

She added: “They are young people and shouldn’t be going forward in this manner.”

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At the end of the contested hearing in the case of January of last year, Judge Larkin said that the two siblings “deliberately assaulted this woman” with eggs.

Judge Larkin said that the court had heard a history of family discord and unpleasantness linked to land “and these two young people got involved in whatever familial dispute that has been going on over land”.

In evidence, Ms Fahy said she still has a mark on her face from the assault but that it wasn’t visible in court as she was wearing make-up.

Ms Fahy – who lives 2.5km from the Connors property – said that her niece and nephew “had seen me coming at a distance… I knew they were getting at me and that they had something in mind”.

She said that she was driving her Ford Kuga car past her brother, Patrick Connors’ home after getting shopping in Gort when Mr Connors’ two children carried out their egg assault.

Ms Fahy said that she got “banged” with eggs in the face as she slowed down and had her car window down three quarters.

She agreed with solicitor for Cathal and Michelle Connors, John Nash, that there have been difficulties between her brother, Patrick Connors and a sister concerning a farm of land.

Ms Fahy said “he tried to take over her farm… he is the one man causing all the problems”.

She said that she wasn’t able to continue driving because she was in shock. She said: “I got such a fright, my head just went. I am passing there 38 years and I never saw that before.”

As a result of the assault, Ms Fahy said “my blood pressure was through the roof and I had to get three days off work”.

Ms Fahy’s son James was the first on the scene and he told the court that his mother “was in shock, shivering and very upset” when he arrived.

He said that there were eggs on her face, her clothing and the interior of the car and egg shells on the road.

He said: “Her glasses were off her face. There was an egg sitting on her chest. Her trousers were all eggs. The back headrest was dripping with eggs.”

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