McNally a Total, Gangster Gobshite.

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Ex-Dublin gangster turned porn star goes from ‘gangland to gangbang’

Richard McNally – who is a close friend of killer Brian Rattigan and a cousin of criminal Wayne McNally – said that he had the ‘biggest knob in gangland’

Richard McNally
Richard McNally

A former Dublin gangster claims he has quit crime to be a porn star.

Richard McNally, 33 – who is a close friend of killer Brian Rattigan, 42, and a cousin of criminal Wayne McNally, 38 – last night said that he had the “biggest knob in gangland”.

He has expressed regret for his past gang activities and vowed that he is now in a more positive stage of his life as a “sex worker”. The porn star has his own OnlyFans account, and says he has gone from “gangland to gangbang”.

Richard McNally spoke yesterday from England and told us: “My stage name is the Irish Bull, I’m 100 per cent Irish beef. I’m not proud of what I was, but I am proud of who I am today.

“I’m from Dolphin’s Barn in Dublin and I was involved in a lot of crime and gangs, but I got into porn about two years ago and I joined [fellow Irish adult film star] Andy Lee’s adult porn academy a year ago.

“I’m 33 and a changed man since I spent a total of 10 years in prison. When I was 19, I got a string of convictions.

“I was jailed in total for 10 years for different things. From the age of 12, I was in and out of youth facilities for four years. And I have been in and out of the papers for all the wrong reasons and now I want to be in them for a good reason.

“The papers got hold of a photo years ago of me showing off my c**k. They called me ‘the biggest knob in gangland’.

“The 10 years of prison sentences were for drugs, plus assault and firearms and gang-related s**t. It’s stuff I’m not proud of, but at the time, I had a family to feed.

“I got into fights and I had to defend myself. But you didn’t just fight back, you had to make a statement. I regret some things, like getting sent to prison and missing my son.

“But I had to make money for my family. I left all that behind when I moved to England years ago. I became a barber but it wasn’t paying the bills. It wasn’t giving me what I needed and that’s when I got into porn. I’ve been doing it for years, but I didn’t really make much money.

“Then I met Andy Lee and joined his porn university. It has changed my life.” Richard claims he is still close friends with Rattigan and his cousin Wayne McNally.

Rattigan, who was dubbed King Ratt, was released from prison in August 2021 after being locked up since 2003 for a series of major offences, including manslaughter, drug dealing, firearms and assault.

Rattigan, whose last address was in Cooley Road, Drimnagh, Co Dublin, was in prison for most of his adult life. He pleaded guilty in October 2018 to the 2001 killing of 21-year-old Declan Gavin, whose fatal stabbing outside Crumlin Shopping Centre is believed by gardai to have helped spark the bloody Crumlin-Drimnagh feud that claimed at least 15 lives.

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