The Judge is Right, Sad that no Family member in Court, to Speak for Issac Horgan. Murdered.

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Judge says ‘rather sad’ no-one in court to speak for man stabbed to death in Dublin home

Noel Lennon pleaded not guilty to murder but guilty to the manslaughter of Isaac Horgan and the State accepted this plea

Noel Lennon
Noel Lennon
The late Isaac Horgan
The late Isaac Horgan

Today at 15:10

A High Court judge has noted it is “rather sad” that no one is to speak in court about the impact of the manslaughter of a 52-year-old man who was killed in his own home.

Noel Lennon (49), Alexandra Court, Dundrum, Dublin, was charged with the murder of Isaac Horgan, who died after being stabbed in the leg at his home in Markievicz House, Townsend Street, Dublin 2, on March 29, 2021.

Lennon pleaded not guilty to murder but guilty to manslaughter and the State accepted this plea.

At the Central Criminal Court today, counsel for Lennon, Damien Colgan SC said that a psychiatric report on his client was not yet ready.

He said that the doctor hoped to see Lennon in February and the case could not proceed without the report as the defence could not cross-examine any witnesses.

Noel Lennon
Noel Lennon

Mr Justice Tony Hunt asked if any member of the deceased’s family wished to make a victim impact statement in the case, to which counsel for the prosecution, Shane Costello SC replied that no members of the deceased’s family were present in court.

“It is rather sad that no one will be saying anything,” said Mr Justice Hunt.

Mr Justice Hunt said that the opportunity was still there for a victim impact statement to be made and remanded Lennon in custody to April 17.

A co-accused in the case, Lisa Lee (41), Depaul Homeless Hostel, Little Britain Street, Dublin 7, is charged with impeding the apprehension of Lennon at Spring Garden Lane, Dublin 2, on March 29, 2021.

Counsel for Lee, Ronan Munro SC said that there was a psychiatric report on his client, but he said that she had missed a call from the probation service so there was no probation report.

Mr Justice Hunt said that if someone is sent to the probation service by the court, it is up to them to ensure they attend.

“The service is busy and they haven’t time to chase people,” he said. “If she goes out the front door and not the side door, it is up to her, not anyone else.”

Mr Munro said his client agreed to contact the probation service.

Mr Costello said that Lee has been signing on as directed and has not come to adverse garda attention.

“She is not a problem-free zone and my patience is now exhausted,” said Mr Justice Hunt. He directed Lee to continue signing on and to contact the probation service.

“She could well be looking at a custodial sentence here anyway,” he warned.

Granting Lee bail, Mr Justice Hunt said he was “remanding her on the last chance saloon”.

“Any misconduct or any failure to sign on and the petrol gauge is now on empty with regards to this,” he said.

The matter was adjourned to April 17.

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