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Man accused of threatening woman her son’s ‘head would be chopped off’ over €250 drug debt

 • 4h ago

A ROOFER accused of extortion and threatening a woman that their son’s “head would be chopped off” over a €250 drug debt has been granted bail at Dublin District Court.

Gardai charged Dean Carey (27) from Belcamp Avenue, Coolock, Dublin, with threatening to kill or cause serious harm and extortion by demanding money with menaces, which he denies.

Judge Bryan Smyth set bail at €1500, of which half must be lodged, and he ordered Mr Carey to obey several conditions.

Garda Ross Brierley told the court that Mr Carey had no reply to the threat charge and answered, “I didn’t demand money of anyone” to the second extortion charge.

The officer objected to bail.

Garda Brierley alleged the accused arrived at the woman’s home in north Dublin on January 31 and demanded €250 from her son, who lives outside the jurisdiction.

The court heard the complainant told the garda she was threatened “that his head would be chopped off and youse [Sic] don’t know who you are dealing with”.

It was alleged the accused used social media to contact a cousin providing his contact number with a message, “If this doesn’t get sorted, the gaff is going to be blown up”.

Garda Brierley said further charges were a possibility, and he feared the accused could leave the jurisdiction.

Mr Carey had previously worked in England, and the officer was concerned he would return there.

In cross-examination, he agreed that the accused provided a different version.

The barrister said Mr Carey denied the threats and claimed to be a messenger telling the complainant that her son “was after buying drugs from a serious individual”, and if it were not sorted, they could be in danger.

Counsel for the defence told the court the accused was a qualified roofer and fibreglass insulation installer with ties to Dublin. He had family support in court, a girlfriend and addresses.

Judge Smyth said he appreciated the garda’s concerns, but they were allegations.

However, in setting bail, he ordered the accused to sign on daily at a garda station, to have no direct or indirect contact with the complainant, including by electronic means, and to stay away from her home.

He remanded the accused in custody with consent to bail on these terms to appear at Cloverhill District Court on February 16. Legal aid was granted.

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