Gangland will Use, anybody, to move their Cash, this time, a Rough Sleeper, in a Train Station. Money Mules, are a Vital Cog, in Criminal Gangs, Operations.

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Train station rough sleeper became money mule in €8,852 fraud

 • 3h ago

A money mule who helped invoice scammers launder more than €8,000 had been approached while he was homeless and sleeping rough in a train station.

Brandon Gorman’s “vulnerability and weakness” were “spotted” by the fraudsters when he agreed to let them use his bank account.

Judge Bryan Smyth said money laundering was “rife” and being facilitated by people such as Gorman. Adjourning the case at Dublin District Court, he said full compensation would have to be paid to the bank.

Gorman (24), of Grange Park, Baldoyle, pleaded guilty.

Garda Sergeant Tony Flanagan said AIB’s fraud protection unit reported a suspicious transaction to the value of €8,852 on November 2, 2020.

This was transferred to Gorman’s account. AIB attempted to recall the funds but the bank was not successful in trying to stop the transaction and the funds were withdrawn.

He had been sleeping rough in a train station when some “guys asked him did he need money”

The money had originally come from an invoice redirect fraud. Gorman was arrested and admitted allowing his account to be used to facilitate the transaction in return for €1,000.

He had been sleeping rough in a train station when he met some “guys who asked him did he need money,” defence solicitor Brian Doherty said.

“They spotted his weakness and vulnerability,” Mr Doherty said. He only got around €300.

Gorman had since turned his life around, got his own place and had a job in fireproofing.

Mr Doherty said Gorman had played an “unsophisticated” role in the offence.

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