Earthquake; the horrors for Turkey but Syria it is far worse, a country immersed in war with the Russian influence and imposition of war assisting Al-Assad Regime. We need to ensure assistance to those affected in this worst earthquake in a century. “Turf wars in Syria”. Source: GZERO

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The Graphic Truth

The world is scrambling to send humanitarian aid to northern Syria and southern Turkey, both hit by a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake. Logistical and political problems are impeding the delivery of humanitarian aid to northern Syria, particularly the northwest, which is held by Turkey and a ragtag group of anti-government militant outfits. While aid trucks are now slowly making their way into the area, not nearly enough is going in to help the more than 4 million people in northwest Syria in need of assistance. What’s more, there is only a single UN-mandated crossing, Baba al-Hawa, that serves as a lifeline for the people of northwest Syria. We look at who controls what in that region.

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