What the Fuck, went on here, the Great Hurler, DJ Carey?

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The former Kilkenny hurler DJ Carey. Photo: Sportsfile


“The judgement wasn’t something I wanted to do”: Businessman Tom Brennan secured €40K judgement against former hurler DJ Carey

Carey claimed to be due an insurance payment, so asked the entrepreneur for a short-term loan. However, the Kilkenny hurling star never repaid it.

13th Feb, 2023 – 1 min read

Businessman Tom Brennan has secured a judgement of €40,000 against the former hurling star DJ Carey. Brennan secured the judgement in November 2021 in the Circuit Court in Kilkenny. Carey borrowed the money from Brennan in late 2020 after the former Kilkenny hurler asked him to lend him the money on a short-term basis to help him out pending an insurance settlement he claimed to be due. “The judgement wasn’t something I wanted to do. I loaned the money to DJ to help him in what I believed was a time of need. I felt concerned about him and was…

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