16th / 17th February 2023: Essential to stop war fatigue, especially Ukraine; Quotation, Tweets, and videos. Being aware is essential now as the 1st anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation approaches

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Defense of Ukraine



Ukraine government organization

Do you support Bloody Olympics?





“The odd American idea that giving money to political campaigns is free speech means that the very rich have far more free speech, and so in effect far more voting power, than other citizens.”
― Timothy Snyder, On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century


Ukrainian News24


16th February 2023

In the village of Krasna Zorka, located in Crimea, a local crematorium is cremating Russian occupiers round the clock, which is how the Russians are trying to hide their losses. Source: Report from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine




U.S. volunteers killed in battle against the Russian Army.

RIP heroes!


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Mykhaïlo Golub


16th February 2023

Russian kidnapped Ukrainian kids and keep them in Gulag-style camps

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Oleksandr Mykhed


16th February 2023

1. This thread is about a new investigation of @YaleSPH on how Russia kidnappes Ukrainian kids. The scale of this horror is beyond imagination. Key points 

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Olena Halushka


16th Febriuary 2023

Artem Aleksieiev was killed in action in December near Bakhmut. He was just 20. Rest in glory Source: Memorial: killed by russia



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Timothy Garton Ash


16th February 2023

Contemplating the tranquil glories of St Sophia’s cathedral in Kyiv, I suddenly think: this is where #Putin hoped to stand as conqueror last February, like Napoleon in Moscow, Hitler in Paris….


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