Reddington, in now, in Disneyland, Mountjoy.

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Marvel action figure shoplifter jailed for nine months

Story by Andrew Phelan • 4h ago


A shoplifter who stole Marvel action figures from Dublin’s Disney store has been jailed for nine months.

Dean Redddington (37) took the four toys during a series of thefts he carried out at city centre shops while he was on drugs, a court heard.

Judge Paula Murphy gave him consecutive three-month and six-month sentences.

Reddington, with an address at a city centre hostel, pleaded guilty to offences including theft.

Dublin District Court heard he went to the Disney Store on Grafton Street on July 4, 2021 and took four Marvel action figures worth a total of €70 from the shelf.

He left without paying and was identified on CCTV.

Separately, Reddington went to Sports Direct on North Earl Street on July 10, 2021 and put €114 worth of clothes into a bag. 

He left without paying but was stopped by security and the property was recovered in a saleable condition.

Reddington stole vodka and whiskey worth over €100 from Dunnes Stores, Henry Street on July 9 in the same year. He also obstructed a garda drug search in another incident.

When he appeared in court, Reddington was already serving a sentence with a release date next year. He had a significant problem with drugs and was a different person when he was clean, his solicitor Rory Staines said.

“He’s getting to a stage of his life where he knows he can’t keep going down the road he’s been going down.”

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