The Fake Aristocrat, Birles, 4.8 Million, lot of Money.

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‘Fake’ Irish aristocrat Terry Birles tricked Royal Cork Yacht Club over ‘ghost’ Caribbean crews

Investigators hired by French actor Dany Boon, who was conned out of €4.8m, shed new light on the scale of the scam run by the serial fraudster

Terry Birles
French actor and director Dany Boon. Picture by Jean-Pierre Clatot

Terry Birles

February 19 2023 02:30 AM

A “fake” Irish aristocrat who allegedly conned a French film star out of millions also persuaded the prestigious Royal Cork Yacht Club to partner with non-existent yacht clubs in the Caribbean.

Terry Birles was found to have defrauded Dany Boon, an actor, director and writer, out of €4.8m in December in a High Court case that made international headlines.

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