Back to the scandal that has hit the GAA in every household in Ireland. The alleged scam artist once a famous player now in a hospital, probably in the southeast of the country. Sources say it is an attempted suicide; others say the easy way out. This cunning individual feeds off sympathy and peoples’ vulnerabilities. Tonight questions come here: Where did all the money go? We know this scammer got confronted on a golf course last year by a person who gave him 15,000 euros and he was supposed to be in Seattle for stem cancer treatment. This is a real Walter Mitty – however, it is darker than this. We all know he lived the high life during the boom and after the Crash reality kicked in. My question tonight is simple: 8 years ago, a gentleman and his son from D4 went to a garda station in south Dublin and reported that their car was missing for six weeks. To be blunt, the car at this stage was Stolen. They were told it was a civil matter. Bullshit. Cover-up. Maybe if he was stopped at that time and charged we would not be writing this piece tonight on the blog. How did he get away with scamming people for almost a decade? Maybe we should ask Garth Brooks “I have got friends in low places”.The car was Eventually, located, at Bewleys Car park.

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Funny cartoon bull bullshit. Funny cartoon bull pooping, bullshit ...

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