26th February 2023: Youtube, videos, tweets. Explore history … some countries have re-written it but engagement especially now when nuclear weapons are in parlance of despots who have invaded Ukraine exactly one year ago; but the truth is the Russians invaded Ukraine in 2014. Now we must include China, the potential peace maker who has provided a 12 point plan. There is history … Russia was the imperialist in China. The Hoover Institute interview with Steve Kotkin please share; he may be a true academic but like George Kennan “Containment” 5,000 word telgram (article FT weekend) … we learn and at no financial cost because it is on youtube

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The importance of history:

Recommend interview and video.  China recovers from its “Century of Humiliation”.  Russia was a major adversary 100 years ago, as most of countries in the West.


The Odessa Journal 


He is great!


The Odessa Journal 


English subtitles

odessa-journal.com “A Year” is the author’s documentary project by Dmytro Komarov. Part one (English subtitles) |… Dmitry Komarov was the first journalist who saw with his own eyes and filmed the horrors of the newly liberated Bucha, Irpin, and

The Odessa Journal 



20 February 2023 The King Charles III visits Ukrainian military recruits undertaking training in the UK #UK #Ukraine #GreatBritain #SupportUkraine





Watch a film by Bellingcat and


that explores how the war in Ukraine has developed in unexpected ways over its first year and ask what role international judicial processes could play in the future. Full video here: https://youtube.com/watch?v=VxnLqd


Olena Halushka


This is what russia has done to Bakhmut, once a home to almost 75,000 people Video:





Kadyrov received the title of Hero of the Chechen Republic. He himself founded this award and became the first to receive it. 



Eric Feigl-Ding


I wonder how Elon feels… China aims to launch nearly 13,000 satellites to ‘suppress’ Elon Musk’s Starlink, researchers say The satellite constellation is likely to be launched quickly to prevent SpaceX from hogging ‘low-orbit resources’, according to PLA



China to launch nearly 13,000 satellites to ‘suppress’ Starlink: researchers

The satellite constellation is likely to be launched quickly to prevent SpaceX from hogging ‘low-orbit resources’, according to PLA space


Say No To Sino


China’s government doesn’t want you to see this:


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