Gardai have lost the Trust, and Respect, of the Young people, not just in Ballyfermot, but, Across the Entire Country, I have Witnessed, some Gardai, and their Lack of Basic Manners, is Beyond Words, to Explain,a little bit of Power in the Wrong Hands, and Bang, Never Forget Jailed Garda Moody? We have Decent, Gardai, but we have many Rogues, out there.

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Local councillor claims Government has abandoned Ballyfermot despite promises of action

Chaotic scenes in Ballyfermot this week

Chaotic scenes in Ballyfermot this week

February 23 2023 11:47 PM UP DATED BY FRED BASSETT 28 FEBRUARY 2023.

Despite promises by the Justice Department to tackle anti-social behaviour in flashpoint areas, nothing has changed, a local Ballyfermot councillor claims.

Dublin city councillor Daithi Doolin representing Ballyfermot-Drimnagh, said “nothing has happened” since Justice Minister Helen McEntree promised to clamp down on lawlessness after visiting the area following the ramming of garda cars by a gang of youths in a stolen car in nearby Cherry Orchard last September.

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