Of Course DJ is Raw after the RTE Primetime, on his Fraudster Sister Catriona, Nothing to do, with Legend DJ, The man DJ is a Giver, not a Taker, a True Gentleman.

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DJ Carey ‘raw’ after RTE Investigates expose accuses sister Catriona of mortgage scam – with up to 60 potential victims

  • Published: 7:00, 16 Feb 2022 UP DATED TO 28 FEBRUARY 2023, BY FRED BASSETT.
  • Updated: 10:03, 16 Feb 2022

HURLING legend DJ Carey has been left reeling after a TV expose accused his sister of conning distraught homeowners out of thousands of euro in a mortgage scam.

Sports star turned businesswoman Catriona Carey, who played hockey for Ireland and camogie for her native Kilkenny, is reported to have preyed on under-pressure families in financial difficulty and at risk of losing their homes as part of the alleged fraud.

DJ Carey is among relatives feeling 'raw' after his sister's expose
DJ Carey is among relatives feeling ‘raw’ after his sister’s exposeCredit: Sportsfile
Catriona Carey is reported to have preyed on under-pressure families in financial difficulty
Catriona Carey is reported to have preyed on under-pressure families in financial difficultyCredit: RTE

RTE Investigates lifted the lid on the ‘scam’ on Monday night, spotlighting the stories of some of those affected who spoke out about the human and financial impact of the “dirty rotten” scheme.

The Irish Sun has learned there could be as many as 60 potential victims across Ireland.

We can also reveal Catriona’s Kilkenny hurling icon brother DJ is among relatives feeling “raw” after the workings of the alleged fraud involving his sister was laid bare.

DJ refused to comment on the shocking allegations against his sister when contacted by our reporter yesterday.

But a source close to the Carey clan spoke of the fallout from the explosive TV programme from the national broadcaster.

The source said: “It’s tough, it’s very raw.

“In all fairness, it’s got nothing to do with the family. It is a difficult time.”

Scam-accused Catriona did not respond to a series of questions from the Irish Sun yesterday.

The trained accountant is alleged to have netted thousands of euro in a scam that exploited people whose homes were about to be repossessed.


Gardai believe there could be as many as 60 victims across Ireland, with individuals being urged to contact their local garda stations.

At present, Det Philip O’Sullivan from Carlow Garda station has been taking complaints from the suspected victims.

He was tasked with the job after Carlow man Andrew Hickey, who had paid Catriona’s company Careysfort Asset Estates €15,000 as a deposit to carry out a property transaction that never happened, established a WhatsApp group for victims.

Carey met with struggling householders, telling prospective clients she was in the business of buying distressed mortgages cheaply from banks.

She told victims that her company, Careysfort Asset Estates – which is registered in England – would buy their debt from their lender at a discount and then sell back the debt at a lower price.

But to avail of the deal, Carey’s company wanted money up front as a deposit – usually between 10 per cent and 30 per cent of the proposed new loan.

She did not respond to numerous requests for comment from the Irish Sun last night.

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