This GAA Star, has lost Everything, Sources, Say, he Slept in his Car, also Slept, in Hostels, and Car Parks, before coming to Dublin 4, 8 Years Ago, and Getting help, and a Plush Apartment, and had to be Thrown out, for Alleged, Abuse of Trust, he Scammed, it is Alleged, many people, before Leaving, with the Cancer Story.Walter Mitty is Right.

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WALTER MITTY by 0tacoon on DeviantArt


Major cash update in ex-GAA star’s €1m cancer scam probe as victims’ worst fears predicted

  • Published: 13:14, 24 Feb 2023
  • Updated: 13:14, 24 Feb 2023

PEOPLE who gave a GAA legend cash for his fake cancer scam will never get their money back, it has emerged.

The star player, suspected of a €1million fraud scam, has no assets left and has lost everything he ever owned.

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