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Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard pictured posing with junior associate of Kinahan crime group

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Liverpool football legend Steven Gerrard has been pictured posing with a junior associate of the Kinahan crime group.

Daniel Joseph Kinnan was born in June 1977, Eugene Boylan and Christy


The former Premier League star and Champions League winner posted a happy birthday message to Nathan Little on his Instagram account this afternoon.

Little (24), from Crumlin in Dublin, has previously been described in court as being a member of the Byrne Organised Crime Group (BOCG).


The High Court also heard that the BOCG is the Dublin branch of the Kinahan cartel.

The revelations were made in a multi-million euro proceeds of crime case taken by the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) against Liam Byrne, the leader of the BOCG, and his associates.

While Little still resides in Crumlin, he also regularly travels abroad and has been pictured in places including the United Arab Emirates.

In the social media post shared to his 10.9 million followers on Wednesday, Steven Gerrard (42) is seen posing with Little and wishing him a happy birthday, tagging his account.

Also in the picture are Gerrard’s daughter Lilly and her partner Lee Byrne, a close friend of Little and the son of gang leader Liam.

Lee and the Gerrards have no involvement in criminality.

He has been in a relationship with the Liverpool legend’s daughter since last year and was recently pictured on a family holiday with them in Dubai on New Years Eve.

Footage previously emerged of Liam Byrne and Steven Gerrard bonding with a fan of the famous footballer via a video call.

In the video Byrne is heard saying: “You pick a date you want and I’ll get the lads in Dublin to bring you over … come around my house and Stevie is going to come around and have some dinner with you.”.

Since retiring from football Steven Gerrard has been involved in several managerial roles, most recently with premier league side Aston Villa, while he has also worked in football punditry.

Byrne previously left Ireland after the Cab seized over €2m worth of assets from his criminal gang in 2019.

This included dozens of high-powered vehicles, jewellery, bank accounts and several properties.

His younger brother David was shot dead in the Regency Hotel in February 2016 with Gerard ‘The Monk’ Hutch currently before the courts accused of his murder.

The lengthy trial concluded in January and Special Criminal Court is due to deliver its judgment in the case next month.

Former Sinn Féin councillor Jonathan Dowdall and his father Patrick have already been jailed for their role in facilitating the murder.

The fatal shooting of David Byrne was part of a criminal feud that claimed up to 18 lives between Ireland and Spain over three years

Meanwhile the cartel leadership, including Daniel Kinahan, are still believed to be in Dubai after being hit with financial sanctions by the US Government last April

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