Not this Salon, but many, across Ireland, are Fronts, for Brothels, and Money Laundering.

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Dublin salon caught in sting operation allowing child to use sunbed

 • Yesterday 17:53


A Dublin salon caught in a sting operation breaking laws banning sunbed use by minors has been ordered to pay €600.

Silke Hair & Beauty Ltd, of Beacon South Quarter, Sandyford, Dublin, pleaded guilty today to an offence under the Public Health (Sunbeds) Act 2014.

It follows an undercover test in which a minor was sent into the salon last year as part of a covert sting operation to check it was complying with the laws.

It led to the Health Service Executive (HSE) prosecuting the salon firm for breaking the prohibition on permitting the use of a sunbed by a person under 18 years of age.

Solicitor Shane Reynolds, for the HSE, told Judge Anthony Halpin at Dublin District Court, that a female under 18 was sent into the salon on November 11, 2022.

The minor had a €20 note and was told by a staff member that the till had insufficient change.

The girl went out and returned but was not asked for her ID when she asked to use the sunbed.

On a previous occasion, a test customer aged under 18 was asked to produce a passport or driving licence, which is still the practice.

However, the salon confirmed to the HSE that on the date of the breach, the sales assistant who dealt with the minor had not received training, while all other staff had.

Mr Reynolds explained to the court that the rationale behind the law was to prevent young people from being exposed to health risks, including skin cancer from UV rays.

Judge Halpin noted that the owner-operated business was not disputing the facts outlined.

Its solicitor asked Judge Halpin to consider that there was just one sunbed on in the salon, and its core business is hair and beauty treatments.

Adjourning the case for three weeks, Judge Halpin ordered the salon to pay €500 towards prosecution costs and €100 to the Little Flower Penny Dinners charity. He said he would apply the Probation of Offenders Act if paid, sparing the salon a recorded conviction.

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