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Court orders Spanish man to pay ex-wife over €200,000 for 25 years of housework

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ASpanish court has ordered a man to pay his wife over €200,000 for ‘paid domestic labour’ after she did all the housework for their 25-year-long marriage.

The €204,624.86 sum was decided upon based on the annual minimum wage throughout their relationship according to a court ruling made in the southern Andalusia region.

The woman who remained unnamed, shares two daughters with her ex claimed that she has spent nearly all her time ‘essentially working in the home, which meant looking after the home and the family and all that involves.’

The couple’s marriage was governed by a separation of property regime which meant that whatever the couple earned was theirs and theirs alone.

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Due to this arrangement, when they eventually decide to split it meant that the wife would be left with nothing after a years-long relationship in which she contributed to the growth of their wealth.

Speaking to Cadena Ser radio, Ivana claimed that her ex-husband did not ‘want her to work’ outside of their family home but did allow her to work in the gyms he owned.

According to her she handled ‘public relations and acted as a monitor.’ She claimed that he convinced her that she had no potential outside of the home and showed no interest in helping her develop her potential in any other space.

On top of the huge settlement, the husband was also ordered to pay his ex-wife a monthly childcare allowance for their children one of which is a minor and the other over 18.

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Though, she said she is ‘happy’ with the outcome of the case because it was ‘well deserved’, the man is likely to appeal the decision.

This case is not the first of its kind as a Chinese woman received similar compensation for care work back in 2021 after her divorce.

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