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Paedo’s street brawl caught on camera as tensions rise over creep’s return to estate

Dad-of-four Gareth Kitchener (36) was convicted of six counts of sexually touching a 13-year-old girl, who bravely gave evidence against him in court

Screen shot from the street fight
Screen shot from the street fight
FIGHT: Kitchener is caught on right of picture
FIGHT: Kitchener is caught on right of picture
A screenshot of the scrap
A screenshot of the scrap
Gareth Kitchener is caught on right of the picture
Gareth Kitchener is caught on right of the picture
Screen shot from the street fight
Screen shot from the street fight
Gareth Kitchener
Gareth Kitchener

Steven MooreSunday World

Today at 09:21

These are the shocking images that show a convicted child abuser involved in a nasty street ‘brawl’ after he was called out for his sex offending.

These exclusive pictures show Gareth Kitchener and a male associate scrapping with another man on a street a few weeks ago.

Police confirmed last night they are investigating the incident which took place in the Millbrook Garden area of Castlederg during the early hours of February 10.

Last July, we revealed how Gareth Kitchener, a 36-year-old father of four, was convicted of six counts of sexually touching a 13-year-old girl, who bravely gave evidence against him in court.

Sleazy Kitchener tried to claim inappropriate messages sent to the young girl had been sent by one of his young children, but a judge dismissed the shocking claim.

Gareth Kitchener
Gareth Kitchener

Kitchener received a four-month prison sentence, but he appealed and the jail term was suspended.

He remains subject to a Sexual Offences Prevention Order and has to sign the sex offenders register.

He has since returned to his hometown of Castlederg with many locals unhappy to see him, in particular as he has been back to the estate where he abused his victim.

Despite Kitchener being subject to a Sexual Offences Prevention Order and having to sign the sex offenders register, there are fears about his return.

Sources say a petition to get him moved out of the area has been unsuccessful. They also revealed that his victim’s family have left the area.

Kitchener has been seen walking the streets and drinking in local pubs. And now it seems rising tensions have resulted in violence.

Despite the video evidence seen by the Sunday World, which appears to suggest it was Kitchener and his associate who were the aggressors, they had made the complaint about being assaulted.

Things kick off when words are exchanged during the midnight melée and Kitchener’s associate crosses the street and launches himself at the man after setting a bottle onto the pavement and saying to him, “let’s go”.

Screen shot from the street fight
Screen shot from the street fight

Both men fall to the ground and when they get up Kitchener’s associate points at the man he just attacked and shouts, “you leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone”.

But within seconds, Kitchener joins his mate to have a go at the man who is backing away and pleading, “leave me alone”.

Pervert Kitchener appears to grab the man by the throat while his associate tries to attack the man again.

A woman, understood to be known to Kitchener, also appears on the screen and then goes back into the house saying she’s going to call the police.

She reappears shortly after with a mobile phone at her ear and tells the brawlers the PSNI are on their way.

But Kitchener’s associate appears to be extremely angry and while Kitchener and the man have words across the street, he starts shouting loudly and then takes his shirt off seemingly preparing for more fighting.

Kitchener and his rival then appear to grab each other by the arms and start shoving while Kitchener’s bare-chested pal circles them waiting for his moment to pounce.

In a flash, when his back is turned, the other man is grabbed by Kitchener’s associate and thrown to the ground with force as Kitchener throws a punch aimed at his head.

Kitchener and his pal then lay into the man, with his associate aiming kicks and punches at the man on the ground.

Kitchener is heard shouting about his “family name” and frequent obscenities can be heard during the distressing incident, as the woman goes close to the man and appears to kick something, though it’s not clear what.

Gareth Kitchener is caught on right of the picture
Gareth Kitchener is caught on right of the picture

A source told the Sunday World: “There are a lot of people in Castlederg who are not happy to see Gareth Kitchener back in the town.

“There have been meetings about him and a lot of complaints to the police but it looks like we are stuck with him. Letters have been put through doors and petitions signed but he’s still here.

“He was fighting with that young lad because he’d said something about him being a sex offender. His presence has caused a lot of tension in the estate.”

On Saturday the PSNI told the Sunday World they are appealing for information following an assault in Castlederg in the early hours of Friday, February 10.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “At approximately 12.20am, we received a report that two men had been assaulted in the Millbrook Gardens area.

“Officers attended and a man aged in his 20s was arrested on suspicion of common assault and suspicion of attempted criminal damage.

“He was released on bail to allow for further inquiries to be carried out.

“I would appeal to anyone who witnessed the assault or who may have CCTV or any footage that could assist with inquiries to contact police on 191 quoting reference 35/10/23.”

The Sunday World understands the PSNI have seen the video evidence and are continuing their investigations.

We can also reveal Kitchener was recently banned from driving for four months for ‘failing to give information of a driver’ and he was also fined £250.

Predator Kitchener pounced on his female victim in 2020 after she had befriended his own kids.

A judge at Enniskillen Magistrates Court found him guilty and told Kitchener he had “embarked upon inappropriate behaviour, touching and language for his own gratification”.

The judge also described work time sheets produced by the Castlederg man, which he claimed proved he was at work when the offences occurred, were “fraudulent”.

Kitchener has continued to deny six counts of sexually touching the victim over a four-week period, up to and including on September 5, 2020 during a day trip with him and his family.

The court heard how on that day, a relative of Kitchener’s approached the victim’s mother expressing concerns about his sexualised behaviour toward her child.

The mother rang Kitchener’s partner telling her to bring her daughter home straight away.

The victim’s mother described asking her daughter about Kitchener’s behaviour, but she denied anything had occurred.

When pressed further, “she burst out crying,” her mother told the court. “She hadn’t told me because she didn’t want Kitchener’s partner getting in trouble.

“She told my daughter not to say anything or Social Services would take away her kids. Can you imagine the position my child was in?”

Apart from the day trip, Kitchener was adamant he couldn’t have been present when the incidents occurred, claiming he leaves for work at 6am and never returns before 10pm. He presented timesheets to support this.

However, Judge Steven Keown convicted Kitchener stating: “The victim gave a detailed, unwavering account and the defendant gave a bald denial, asserting she lied for reasons unknown. His evidence was self-serving and unimpressive.

“I entirely reject it and his partner’s evidence, who attempted to sing off the same hymn sheet, but they contradicted each other.

“The victim was reluctant to disclose what occurred, but when pushed, broke down and divulged all.”

Kitchener’s alibi timesheets were also rejected, with Judge Keown noting: “The employer – a convicted fraudster – also refused to attend court to stand over these records. I don’t accept they are valid or legitimate. They are a fraudulent account of hours worked.”

Judge Keown concluded: “The defendant saw a young girl befriending his children and embarked upon clearly sexually inappropriate behaviour, touching and language, for his own gratification.”

Kitchener had been living in Coleraine and later while he awaited trial had given an address in Ballymoney – where we went to confront him.

However, despite court papers stating he was living on Union Street in the Co Antrim town, we instead found a young mum with her toddler who was horrified to hear her home address was still being used in court by a child abuser.

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