We have Drones, now Flying Phones, over Jail Walls.

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Man who threw mini mobile phone over Wheatfield Prison wall was told his drug debt would be cleared

 • 3h ago

A LABOURER who attempted to throw a mini mobile phone into a prison yard had been told his drug debt would be cleared if he did so, a court has heard.

Jason Sheridan (24) had difficulties with cannabis in the past but was now clean and sober, and was focused on staying out of trouble. Judge John Brennan adjourned sentencing for 12 months, saying he would leave Sheridan without a conviction if he stayed out of trouble.

The defendant, of Pearse Street, Dublin 2, admitted throwing a mobile phone into Wheatfield Prison, Cloverhill Road, in Clondalkin, on April 28, 2021.

Garda Sean Brennan told Blanchardstown District Court he was called to the prison following reports prison officers had detained a man who had been in the car park and throwing packages over the prison wall.

Gda Brennan said he retrieved a package and found a miniature mobile phone.

Gda Brennan said the package went over the prison wall but did not get into the yard.

The court heard that Sheridan had five previous convictions, all for road traffic matters.

Defence lawyer Ciaran MacLoughlin said Sheridan had an issue “on and off” with cannabis and at the time of this incident he owed “a few quid”.

Mr MacLoughlin said Sheridan was told his debt would be forgotten if he brought the mobile into the prison.

Mr MacLoughlin asked the judge to be lenient, saying Sheridan was no longer associating with the same people and had not come to garda attention since this incident.

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