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What did Gaddafi do for Libya? Lets see..
Kicked out the puppet king who was robbing the country blind.
Nationalized the oil
Provided free healthcare to every Libyan
If a Libyan was unable to receive the healthcare they needed at home the country paid for medical care overseas.
Gaddafi housed every Libyan
Every newly wed couple was given a free apartment
He built the man made river and irrigated the desert for farming
Anyone who wanted to become a farmer was provide free live stock and feed.
He raised the literacy rate of the nation from the mid teens up to the almost 90% of the country.
I can go on, believe me.
Remember Nelson Mandela? The one the West claims to love. Well he called Gaddafi “Africa’s greatest freedom fighter” and said the collapse of apartheid owed much to Gaddafi.

The righteous West mobilized a murderous mob and crippled his ability to defend his country.

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