Hubbard was Released yesterday, One Evil Bastard.All parents be very Alert, this Bastatd, should, have got, a Life Sentence.

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Mum reveals full horror of baby abuser David Hubbard’s attack on 3-month-old daughter

His daughter, now 32, has waived her right to anonymity in order that we can reveal Hubbard’s heinous crime.

UK Database


UK Database

David Hubbard – Wicklow/Great Yarmouth

23 Saturday Jan 2016 UP DATED BY FRED BASSETT 10 MARCH 2023.

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August 2022

Mum reveals full horror of baby abuser David Hubbard’s attack on 3-month-old daughter

March 2021: Hubbard has now been located in Co. Wicklow. Believed to be staying with a family member

January 2016: Hubbard is now living in Great Yarmouth. The pictures below were taken in 2013/14

April 1992

Man jailed for string of serious offences against baby girl


A Wicklow man has been found guilty of multiple offences against a baby.

Unemployed David Hubbard was found guilty of:

  • Unlawfully and maliciously wounding a baby with intent to cause grievous bodily harm
  • Unlawfully sexually assaulting the baby

The court heard the offences took place on Christmas day in 1990 when the baby was aged just three-months old. 

The baby suffered a blow to the head during the attack which lead to the discovery of the sexual assault.

Hubbard who denied the offences finally admitted his crimes just ten minutes before his trial began.

Other allegations of rape and sexual assault were made by several other children at the time, but unfortunately the victims were so traumatized they were unable to go to trial.

The pervert who had a history of house burglaries and stealing cars was sentenced to just four-years in prison of which he must serve two


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