Imagine, Spud Murphy, a Garda Supt, by Day, and Drug Dealer at Night, beyond Words, beyond Belief, but Fact, Murphy, now in Jail,More to come, Believe me.

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Probe into Weed Spud Murphy, former Garda Supt, and the Monk Hutch ...
The Monk Hutch is back, on the Road Again; the Sunday papers, Stated ...
Probe into Weed Spud Murphy, former Garda Supt, and the Monk Hutch ...

Arrested garda investigated over alleged link to protection rackets

• 3h ago

A detective garda who was arrested last week as part of a corruption investigation has been questioned about alleged protection rackets in Dublin linked to organised criminal gangs.

The detective garda is attached to the Special Detective Unit and was arrested as part of a continuing criminal investigation into suspected links between members of the force and the Hutch gang.

Gardaí are also investigating whether the officer has connections to John ‘Spud’ Murphy, the retired superintendent who was convicted last year of possession of drugs. Murphy, who is currently in jail, is the subject of an investigation into his links to the Hutch crime group.

Detectives are thought to have interviewed a number of business owners about their dealings with Murphy, as well as payments made and to whom.

He was taken from prison last month and interviewed by the National Bureau of Criminal Investigations (NBCI), which is also leading the investigation into the detective garda.

His work at the Special Detective Unit would most likely have given him access to a firearm and to high-level criminal intelligence.

He was released without charge and a file is being prepared for the DP

A number of searches connected to the arrest resulted in the seizure of more than €40,000 in cash, ammunition, electronic devices and documents.

A garda statement said: “As part of an ongoing criminal investigation by the Garda National Bureau of Criminal Investigation (NBCI), a member of An Garda Síochána was arrested earlier this week.”

Gardaí are expected to make further arrests in their investigation into links between the Hutch gang and members of the force.

The investigation developed after concerns that confidential information from the internal garda database had been leaked.

Murphy, who retired as a superintendent over a decade ago, was arrested in connection with that probe, and during a search of his property, gardaí recovered large amounts of drugs and cash.

He is currently serving a jail sentence for drug trafficking after pleading guilty to having €260,000 worth of drugs at his home and in his car.

Before his conviction, he was known to provide security and dispute resolution services to a number of builders and business owners in Dublin in relation to properties and sites in the city.

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