Crack Cocaine, in her Waistband, 6 Months Jail.

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Woman had crack cocaine in waistband

 • 9h ago

A mother-of-four caught with a bag of crack cocaine in her waistband on a city centre street has been jailed for six months.

Sandra Grimes (54) had begun taking the drug after family bereavements when she was arrested for having it for sale or supply.

Grimes, with an address at Lower Rutland Street, pleaded guilty at Dublin District Court.

The court heard gardaí on patrol at Talbot Lane on April 28, 2021 saw Grimes acting suspiciously. When they identified themselves to her, she placed a small bag into the waistband of her trousers.

Gardaí asked her to remove it and discovered it was a bag of crack cocaine. They also recovered another rock of the drug. The total value of the drugs was €150 and she admitted selling them.

While Grimes admitted a sale or supply charge, she would “probably have used it all herself,” her lawyer said.

She was “struggling” with a significant drug addiction at the time. Grimes also admitted shoplifting €243 worth of meat products from Lidl on January 10, this year.

She apologised for the offences, was now on methadone and trying to address her issues. Judge Bryan Smyth said a custodial sentence was warranted.

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