Thanks Shane, very Interesting Reading, personally, I just Believe, RTE when the ring out the Angeles, and they even Changed that? Anyway everybody has, the Freedom of Expressing their Views?

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I don’t know who is the foreign affairs correspondent at Watchers, whether its Fred or a “colleague”, but I have to say they show all the signs of somebody who takes their information solely from RTE News or MSNBC (the liberal Fox News) and/or the Irish Indo. They talk about the taking-out of Saddam and Gaddafi like these were noble acts that were warranted and just.
It cost one million dead innocent Iraqi’s to remove Saddam, many of them children, and what was the motivation for taking out Saddam? “He had WMD’s, he was working with Al ~Qaeda”, both of which were untrue. You might say it was worth it to take Saddam out, tell that to the families of the million dead Iraqis.
You’re so uninformed and misinformed about Libya its not even worth my time, I’ve already spoken on that.
I know the warhawk at would love to paint me as some sort of Putin stooge, couldn’t be further from the truth. How has Europe faired in the last two major conflicts (WWI & WWII)? Europe was the big loser each time! And will be again. The Russian economy is far out performing the Eurozone, which was only kept in positive GDP growth due to, what Paul Krugman referred to as “Leprechaun economics”, global multinationals funneling their profits through Ireland to avail of our wishy-washy corporate tax system.

Lets be clear, for all intents and purposes its NATO fighting Russia. Its NATO and US weaponry, there’s at least 20,000 Polish fighting in Ukraine, and thousands more mercenaries from all over the world amongst the Ukrainian ranks. Who do you think is operating the Long Range HIMARS? You think a former blue collar worker can be trained up to us a Multiple Launch Rocket System in a few weeks? Come on, please.

Germany industry is collapsing due to high energy costs. A Swizz bank is on the verge of collapse, the cracks are appearing everywhere and what’s more is the E.U. has been almost demilitarized given the amount of weaponry its already donated.

We’ve given Russia no ‘off ramp’, “as long as it takes” is the line from the U.S. Have a think as to where that can lead to? China now is becoming another “evil entity”, when only a while ago a person was a racist, Trump supporter for suggesting Covid came from a Chinese lab. Now the U.S. are warming to the idea its escaped from a Chinese lab, right when the Chinese are backing Russia. Also check out the Chinese brokered peace announcement between Saudi & Iran, nothing about that in the Western media.

Ukrainian’s are living under a single party authoritarian regime, all opposition has been outlawed and it demands absolute adherence and self sacrifice.

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