All over Social Media, tonight, Hundreds of Rogue Gardai, out there, People, be Alert, Protect yourselves, always seek, legal, Advice, if you Feel, you are Targeted, Nobody, we hope, is Above the Law? We need a Rogue Cops Org, in Ireland, Urgently.

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Gardai siochana- rotten to the core , from the top down .

Somehow these things are being made public and some convictions are happening, I suppose that’s good but it’s still only the tip of the iceberg , we won’t see the big boys being toppled!

Stop Rogue Cops

Stop Rogue Cops

We support good cops. They know who they are.

The marks left behind by rogue cops are chilling irregardless of gender, age, religion or race. Tactics of rogue cops may include, but limited to: physical beatings, extortion, blackmail, intimidation as well as financial hardship through wrongful arrest.

Rogue cops costs citizens money when financial payouts to their victims cause higher premiums to insure all law enforcement personnel.

Similar to an insurance requirement for drivers to cover the liability of at fault accidents, law enforcement should be required to carry their own insurance. This way, wrongful damages by rogue cops would cost the rogue cops through higher insurance premiums, sparing citizens of these rising costs when municipal agencies have to settle with victims of rogue cops.

This way, rogue cops’ insurance could be denied after multiple cases of authority abuse and the rogue cop would no longer be welcomed within law enforcement without proper insurance coverage.

Another possible way to help change the outlandish behavior of rogue cops is to make employment records of all law enforcement personnel a matter of public record. This way, rouge cops can’t jump from city to city after being terminated without citizens learning of their record. Then, rogue cops would have to change rogue behavior to have a respectable track record.

Another area that may help change the behavior of rogue cops is the possibility of the rogue cop losing his/her license to practice law enforcement following rogue incidents.

Enoch Group is networking with citizens to help show the face of police brutality through the use of billboards, street corner activism and this website.

Below is a draft of our first upcoming billboard.

Sure their top man successfully blocked investigation into the Miami Showband massacre and at least 120 or more murders of innocent civilian in the North…

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