A Comment from Shane,a Interesting Argument.

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Shane just commented on 23rd March 2023: Tweets, videos, a quotation. Despotic invader mentality imperialist dreamer putin … too many people have been suffering due to warmongering leaders. We must not forget Afghanistan when the Russians left…or for the blitz carried out by putin in support of autocrat Assad in Syria. Ukraine is being savaged by weaponry and arms, by mercenaries too; it’s people are fighting for its existence yet the Russians have no invasion or harm to their geographical mass of territory while Ukraine territory has become the playground for war games; taking the full hit. They will need a Marshall Plan. Stop the immunity from seizing Russian funds in Switzerland and beyond including LondonGRAD.. THINK Russia the major perpetrators of Propaganda, misinformation, disinformation etc. The Finnish people have countered this … Russia was fighting ISIS in Syria, remember that crowd? They burned people alive in cages! They destroyed ancient sites all over Iraq and Syria, they beheaded the head of a museum, but Russia were the bad guy’s in Syria according to this, not ISIS. Crazy, the person who writes this stuff is crazy! The Syrian people support Assad! but you know better than them right? This person is such a cheerleader for American neo-con foreign policy its banana’s. They’d make the most die hard, Fox news host blush.

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