Bad Assault, be Aware of a Toilet Brush?

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Man needed eight stitches after being struck with toilet brush in the head

The judge said the victim was very fair in his evidence and didn’t try to exaggerate anything.

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A 31-year-old man who pleaded guilty to hitting another male with a toilet brush has been remanded on continuing bail for a community service assessment.

Jamie Gallagher, with an address at the time at St Saviour’s, Shop Street, Drogheda, admitted charges of assault causing harm and while striking a man producing a toilet brush, at St Saviour’s on 11 May 2021.

The victim gave evidence that he received eight stitches in the head.

He was one week off work as a result. The incident didn’t affect him any other way.

Solicitor Dermot Monahan submitted a letter on behalf of his client who had ‘significant’ previous convictions

He had chronic addiction and mental health issues.

The parties had lived in the same apartment block for four years.

Judge McKiernan said this was a very serious matter.

The victim had stitches and a scar. He was very fair in his evidence and didn’t try to exaggerate anything.

The court noted that Mr Gallagher was getting great support and accommodation from the Peter McVerry Trust.

He was remanded on continuing bail to 8 May to see if he was suitable for community service.

Judge McKiernan said she was considering a sentence of 200 hours community service in lieu of four months imprisonment.

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