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Goodness me, this is the road you’re going down now; Putin is literally Hitler, Gawd!

Are you aware of the logical fallacy; Conformation bias? You display all the signs of falling victim to the same thing. Your never ending hawkish posts from random twitter accounts like their some great authority of truth is sad really, its just hear-say nonsense in an information war.

Keep Cheerleading, keep celebrating the demise of Europe. To be honest this is where narcissist, liberal elitism that typifies European leaders gets us. They’ve hated Russia for decades, never considered the Russian people as equals.

You mention propaganda like its something that happens in other parts of the world, but we’ve been subject to Russo-phobia proganda for since the end of WW2.

Believe Putin is Hitler all you want, it’s an incredibly counter-productive position that destroys any hope for peace.

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