Teenage Crime, is Way out of Control, across the Entire Country.

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Judge orders arrest of teen boy accused of stealing diamond bracelet worth €12,000

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A judge has ordered the arrest of a teenage boy accused of stealing a diamond bracelet worth almost €12,000 from a Dublin jeweller.

The 17-year-old boy was due to face a preliminary hearing at the Dublin Children’s Court today to determine his trial venue.

He is charged with theft of the bracelet worth €11,950 from a jeweller on South William Street on February 22, 2022

He is also accused of stealing €620 worth of goods from Brown Thomas on Grafton Street in November and public order offences.

The Director of Public Prosecutions has recommended the theft charges be dealt with at Children’s Court level and not in the Circuit Court, which has broader sentencing powers.

The teenager had been accompanied to court by an adult family member when she was granted bail four weeks ago, and disclosure of prosecution evidence was provided to the defence.

The boy, who cannot be identified because he is a minor, was due to return today for a hearing of an outline of the prosecution case and defence submissions.

However, he did not show up, and Judge Paul Kelly issued a bench warrant for his arrest.

The Children’s Court has the discretion to accept jurisdiction for most offences by taking into account the age and level of maturity, as well as other relevant factors. The youth has yet to indicate a plea

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