There is a Former Garda Moody, in every Cop Uniform. Allegations here, until the Court make the Verdict, in the Meantime, Moody former Irishtown Garda, Cleans the Toilets, in Jail.

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Woman Speaks Out After Garda Paul Moody Jailed For Campaign Of Torture

Police officer’s trial at Belfast Crown Court hears ex-partner’s claims she was subjected to sexual assaults

Belfast Crown Court

Belfast Crown Court

March 29 2023 07:06 AM

The former partner of a police officer has claimed she was subjected to sexual and physical assaults during the course of their relationship.

The claims were made at Belfast Crown Court where the 55-year-old policeman is standing trial on a total of nine offences — including three counts of rape, two counts of voyeurism and charges of both common and sexual assault.

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