Shane makes his View, most Interesting.

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Shane just commented on 30th March 2023: Tweets, videos, quotation. But let us think about what war is doing to Climate Justice too..

What does war do to our environment? Where is Climate Justice? Green is a mission @Greenisamissio1 I am the …

The depleted uranium rounds the U.K. are now sending is another massive ecological disaster. The effects on health are well documented with increased cancer, tumours and birth defects in locations where they’ve been used. The U.K. vetoed a proposal on their banning, with the Neatherlands and Czech Rep backing them up. Keep in mind this little part of the planet currently has some of the most fertile land on the planet, it will be a wastleand very soon.

The blowing up of Nord Stream, another ecological disaster that the West is actively refusing a full investigation. And so it goes on…

Only an immediate halt to all hostilities will prevent an absolute environmental disaster at this point.

Hope you’re well Fred and Co.

Nothing but ❤

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