Social Media, people are very Angry, re Judge Martin Nolan, below are Clips, from Online Sources.

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“Isn’t it time Judge Martin Nolan was impeached?”: Gript’s Ben Scallan asked Micheál Martin if his government would consider impeaching Ireland’s most controversial judge. Here’s what the Tánaiste said: #gript

I asked the Tánaiste about impeaching Judge Martin Nolan – Gript

The question on everyone’s mind.




Keith Redmond


Man caught with child pornography avoids jail term. I think we all know who the judge was at this stage. When will the president of the court or justice minister step in and remove Judge Martin Nolan?

Man caught with child pornography avoids jail term

A man found in possession of more than 4,000 images and videos of child pornography has avoided a jail sentence at Dublin circuit Court.

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