Now we are back to this HUMBLE, Honorable, devoid of ego, The Englishman Bailey yet again, poet, journalist, storyteller, son of an English butcher. When thousands of people who work hard to pay their rent and who are facing eviction, why does the Englishman Bailey again get the headlines he yearns for showing his eviction notice up to the Irish taxpayers who pay his rent and no doubt put food on the table too. As Jules Thomas said “he mowed the lawn once in 30 years”. We wish Bailey the best in finding accommodation between Schull and Paris. In the meantime for Easter there is a competition, it is alleged, who is the most famous resident in West Cork – Bailey or Big Bird. Let the people decide.

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Big Bird Narrowly Escaped Death on the Challenger Mission - History in ...


Self-confessed Sophie murder suspect Ian Bailey reveals homeless fears after learning he could face eviction.

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